Arthur & Co. Pet Detectives in The Guardian

We are thrilled to share that the work of the team here at Arthur & Co. Pet Detectives was featured in a heartwarming article by Joe Hinchliffe in The Guardian, titled “‘They’re my kids’: pet theft, pet detectives and the rise of the ‘multispecies family’” published on 21 August 2023.

In today’s world, pets are more than just animals; they are beloved members of our families and Hinchliffe explores the profound bond between humans and their cherished animal companions.

The emotional toll of a missing pet is immeasurable, and the article delves into heart-wrenching stories of families devastated by pet theft.

We’re not returning a laptop or a diamond ring, we are finding a sentient and feeling being, who knows when they are lost or when they are scared or when they are not safe, who experience feelings of attachment and grief

One our clients, Suzie Meakins, and the loss of her four beloved chihuahuas was the focus of the article. Arthur & Co were called in to help recover the dogs, and set about negotiating the return of these four little cuties. Much of the work for this case was behind-the-scenes, and thanks to our rapid work and expertise in negotiating the return of pets in situations like this, Suzie was soon reunited with her four best friends, Mindy, Polly, Elsey and Trixie.

The heartwarming reunion is available to watch here on our Facebook page.

Suzie sent us a lovely testimonial, in which she said “We would like to express a massive amount of gratitude to Anne-Marie from Arthur & Co. Pet Detectives she was on the ball from word go! We got the best result possible with the 4 girls being returned home where they belong. Much love and appreciation.”

Suzie Meakins with her four chihuahuas celebrating that they are reunited back with her in her home

If you have a lost dog, lost cat or any lost animal, please get in touch with Arthur & Co. Pet Detectives – our details are on our contact page.