Arthur & Co. Pet Detectives in the Gold Coast Bulletin

Arthur & Co. Pet Detectives founder, Anne-Marie, was featured in an article in the Gold Coast Bulletin about unusual careers, highlighting the role of a pet detective and the unique skills and approach that she brings to working on a variety of cases including those involving illegal breeders, dog thieves, dog fighting rings and more.

We specialise in the retrieval of more complex cases. We don’t tend to do the average lost case. Our niche is cases where it’s almost certain that a dog or cat has been stolen directly from its yard or home, or where an animal has gone missing genuinely but then has been held on to.

Anne-Marie as quoted in the article by Jerad Williams, “We Get Paid for This”, The Gold Coast Bulletin, 28 April 2018, page 8.

The journalist observed that the beginnings of a pet detection case are the same as a human detection case, and that Anne-Marie has former police detectives and behavioural analysts on her payroll.

The first step is to ascertain what the situation is — if a dog goes missing and there’s radio silence then we pretty much know the dog is either deceased or has been held on to. Then comes the motivation. We ask questions, appraise the property, look for markers for pet theft and talk to local networks. Each individual approach depends on the motivation.

Anne-Marie, Arthur & Co. Pet Detectives

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