Arthur & Co. Pet Detectives was founded in 2017 by Anne-Marie and is Australia’s only comprehensive pet detective service for lost and stolen pets. Arthur & Co. uses a variety of methods tailored to each case, with specialist staff engaged on the most complex lost and stolen pet cases.

Starting out initially as Arthur & Co. Pet Concierge, it quickly became apparent that whilst pet owners may need a concierge-style service covering things like dog walking, pet grooming and pet transport, what was not available as a dedicated and comprehensive pet detective service.

Anne-Marie had lost her dog as a child, in a time before microchips, when the search for a pet involved walking the streets and putting up a few lost pet signs on street poles and noticeboards. Three decades later, not much had changed – whilst microchips can now be scanned to identify a pet (particularly when they have lost their collar), raising awareness of a lost pet was still done through lost pet signs on street poles and noticeboards. Social media provided lost pet pages, effectively an electronic noticeboard, but its true potential was not being harnessed.

Arthur & Co. Pet Detectives combines traditional methods of on-the-ground searching, traps, posters, and flyer drops, along with targeted social media advertising and the use of specialist investigators (including former police) and technology such as thermal drones, covert trail cameras and remotely operated underground robots.

Through our fact-based and evidence-driven methodology and a comprehensive suite of services, we are able to deploy the appropriate resources as each case evolves. This methodology has resulted in a consistent approximate 80% success rate, a success rate we have maintained each year since 2017.